How much is NOT CHANGING really costing you?

| Published by Mark Akerley under Business Challenges |

Successful entrepreneurs and business owners are typically trail blazers when it comes to accepting and embracing change. Some would argue they thrive on it. In any event they understand that technology, systems, culture, customer expectations, etc. are always changing – for better or worse – and one of their most important jobs is to determine how to take advantage of change, not resist it.

Just ask any retired business owner or CEO what they could have done differently to have made their companies even more successful, and they will typically respond that they could have changed faster or more directly or more completely to a challenge or opportunity. It’s never that they didn’t recognize the need for change, they just didn’t change appropriately.

So are there areas in your business that need to change? And if so, what’s “not changing” costing you? Certainly not keeping up with change can be felt in frustration and disappointment, but it also can be measured in dollars and time. Your dollars and your time by not accepting and embracing new ideas – whether that’s technology, systems, culture, customers, whatever.

We’d love to hear from you – What new or emerging developments do you recognize that will require business owners to change (or adapt) what they’re doing, and will cost them if they don’t? Let us know …

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