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__________ Business Consulting __________

Intensive Leader and Top Team Support – If you need a trusted, experienced advisor, to help work through a difficult problem or opportunity, our Intensive Leader Support will give you the extra hands (and head) you need to resolve the condition. This is direct, collaborative, confidential, one-on-one consulting and coaching with business owners and senior executives to solve specific challenges. The focus of this support is on:

1. Identifying the reality of the current situation
2. Identifying realistic alternatives to resolve the condition
3. Taking action

Even the most skilled managers occasionally encounter issues with service, quality, productivity, leadership or change that need fresh perspectives. Sigma Resource Group can provide that perspective as well as hands-on assistance and direction for the business leader.

__________ Business Coaching __________

Business coaching is a highly effective means for business owners and chief executives to plan, grow, manage and lead their companies.

Working collaboratively with the business leader we deploy a coaching process that focuses on achieving results. The process includes:

Assessment – establishing a base line from which to build skills and achieve goals

Planning – developing specific actions and initiatives that align with goals, and establishing a time line for achieving them

Execution – completing selected learning and improvement opportunities necessary to achieve the established goals

Follow-up – a continuous interactive process of feedback, review, and adjustment as necessary.

A typical business coaching engagement spans three consecutive months, and is frequently extended for another three months depending on the needs, goals and priorities of the leader. After a one day start up assessment and planning session with the coach the executive can plan on meeting twice per month with the coach. One meeting is usually a 2 hour face-to-face meeting with the executive, and the other is typically a 60 minute discussion over the telephone. Of course the coach is always available to discuss special circumstances by telephone or email if needed.

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