Executive Focus Programs

Breakthrough Breakaways ™ – For business leaders that need to get away from the “noise” and distractions of every day business to spend creative and value producing time working ON their business and ON themselves. This is a year long program that brings business leaders together:

1. Six times per year for face-to-face half-day working sessions 2. Six times per year (intervening months) for 60 minute bridge calls Bi-monthly group meetings focus on: 1. Working on practical exercises to master skills and processes that are critical to business success and growth. 2. Identifying performance, priority and “real” issues in your business. 3. Recharging personal batteries and building increased confidence for achieving business results and personal fulfillment. 4. Cultivating collaborative business relationships. 5. Developing life long learning habits. Interim Bridge calls focus on: 1. Applying lessons learned 2. Overcoming obstacles 3. Maintaining focus, discipline and momentum Breakthrough Breakaways ™ offer a unique format for continuous improvement and value creation – providing not only nuggets of wisdom but breakthrough ideas and practices you need for lasting success.

Top Teams That WorkA customized six to twelve month program for in-tact senior executive teams. This program is designed on the premise (supported by research and experience) that high performance organizations are built on high performance executive teams. Strategic Edge and Breakthrough Breakaways ™ essentials are integrated with leadership and teamwork principles, providing a set of best practices for organization success. Through executive team workshops and action learning the top team customizes and institutionalizes these best practices for their specific company environment.

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