Why Sigma?

Working with Sigma Resource Group you’ll develop new habits and skills that will drive increased business and personal success. Among them —

  • Solving problems in a systematic way.
  • Developing and implementing business plans and processes that drive growth and profitable results.
  • Gaining more time working ON your business than IN it.
  • Leveraging your personal strengths (doing it, delegating it, or ditching it).

Whether you need a comprehensive plan to drive increased results in your business, or just a shot of energy to keep current efforts on track… our tools and processes can help. The Sigma approach is designed to get you moving and keep you moving. Our programs have helped transform more than 200 companies by embracing these three simple principles. sigma-why-sigma-page.jpgFocus on Your Business AND You – business owners and entrepreneurs typically set significant goals for both business success and personal fulfillment – that’s healthy. However, the requisite time and focus to achieve each is often out of balance, usually favoring business at the expense of personal – that’s not healthy. Therefore part of our integrated planning and support work includes helping business owners identify those critical life areas that need attention, to create time and actions to improve them as well. It’s not therapy – it’s reality testing and an organized application of common sense. Keep the Tools Simple – our assessment, planning and execution tools are simple … but not necessarily easy. Meaning you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to learn them – any serious business leader can. However, they’re not magic wands – they require a commitment to use them regularly and thoroughly. So we’ll show you how to prioritize them for maximum benefit, and apply focus and discipline to achieve the momentum you need for success. Go One Step at a Time, but Know Where You’re Going – working with Sigma Resource Group you get the whole enchilada – tools, processes, guidance and perspective. We can work with you on one critical issue or a whole set, but either way, we follow a proven path for success. Along that path you’ll be able to:

  1. Identify The Brutal Truth for creating value.
  2. Create Strategic Edge for achieving superior results.
  3. Create Personal Edge for work and play.
  4. Refine skills and tactics for continued growth.
  5. Maintain focus, discipline and momentum.

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