Better Business Workshops

The BLM (Build/Lead/Manage) Business Intensive– If you’re feeling overwhelmed by challenges and opportunities, this workshop will bring you clarity so you can lead and grow your business with confidence. An open enrollment workshop designed specifically for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and independent professionals. One and one-half days of insightful, interactive, intensive (and fun) work that will:

1. Transform the way you think about your business and refocus your skills and talent on the key issues that drive results and growth in your business.

2. Provide a step by step blue print for building and executing the vital few practices and processes you must have in place for business success.

3. Identify professional and personal issues that are critical to your overall effectiveness and how to overcome work/life challenges to achieve balance and harmony.

This is a highly participative, thought provoking, reality testing event. The program incorporates learning, assessment, strategic and personal planning, and practical application for your business and life.

Two private follow-up coaching sessions for each participant are also included with this workshop to lock in lessons learned and achieve individual objectives.

Strategic Edge – A comprehensive one to three day workshop conducted with the top management team that includes:

1. Strategic Thinking
2. Strategy Formulation
3. Operational Planning
4. Results Management

This in-house customized workshop enables the top management team to identify and clarify the organization’s priority issues, and develop clear strategies, goals, objectives and action plans that focus on results. Much more than a discussion session, the workshop aligns organization resources and capabilities with realistic expectations and accountabilities – providing a clear roadmap for directing the company from where it is now to where it wants to be. The Strategic Edge workshop is applicable to top teams that want to establish a dynamic planning process or revive and renew their existing one.

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