Your Success is our success – and we work collaboratively with you to make that happen!


1. Focus Coach Program – a six month coaching program for business professionals who generally know what they want and are open to someone assisting them in increasing their focus, discipline, and momentum. Bi-weekly virtual business pulse meetings, action agendas, accountability check-ins are critical elements of this program. LEARN MORE

2. Strategic Growth Partner – a six month program focused on transition coaching (taking on new or increased responsibilities), developmental coaching (learning to become an even better leader), or a combination of both. Critical behaviors and skills assessment, knowledge upload, action learning plans, and bi-weekly leadership conversations and coaching are integral to this program LEARN MORE

3. Deep Dive Strategy & Coaching Day – A one day intensive program tailored just for you – focusing on your unique needs and aspirations, to increase results and fulfillment for you and your business LEARN MORE

4. Plain and Simple Business Planning– Are you driving or chasing your business? This one day intensive session clarifies your team’s strategic direction, priority issues, critical success practices, and concludes with a practical actionable plan you can execute immediately. Strategy and planning need not be complicated. LEARN MORE

5. Becoming a Better Leader– a nine capsule self-directed learning program combining self-paced video lessons (available 24/7), experiential learning exercises, and downloadable practice guides. Program is open for twelve weeks, and optional leadership coaching is available. LEARN MORE

6. FDM Success System– a six capsule self-directed learning program combining self-paced video lessons (available 24/7), individual development exercises, and downloadable operating templates that you can use every day to increase personal Focus – Discipline – Momentum, to achieve the results and fulfillment you expect. Program is open for twelve weeks, and optional accountability coaching is available. LEARN MORE

We know that you and your company are unique, so we don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to your challenges and opportunities. We address where you are now, where you want to go, and integrate your uniqueness, your goals, and our skills (consulting, coaching, facilitating) to develop an approach that works for you and your team.

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