Our guided business growth process is simple, but not simplistic. Working together we:

1. Identify, create, and clarify business strategy and priorities

2. Develop integrated short-term/long-term roadmaps

3. Design and implement a custom operating process

4. Meet monthly to keep your business moving forward

We help you “plan your work and work your plan” by connecting strategy with execution to achieve the results and fulfillment you expect. Regardless of company size or how long you’ve been in business, you need an effective strategy and a process to turn your ideas into results.

For more than 30 years – with hundreds of strategies formulated, and thousands of objectives initiated – we have helped companies think clearly, plan simply and execute decisively, to achieve results!


Set Strategic Direction

We will assist you by conducting clarity assessments, expanding strategic thinking, and crafting a vivid and engaging strategic direction. Clarity serves as the cornerstone upon which a successful business growth program is built. It involves having a clear vision and a comprehensive understanding of your business’s purpose, goals, and the path to achieve them. With clarity, you possess the guiding compass for your business journey.

Clarity also extends to a deep understanding of customers discovering their needs, preferences, and behavior. This understanding enables you to articulate your business’s unique value or differentiators, setting you apart from competitors. With clarity, both you and your team can align and stay focused, fully aware of what you are working toward and why.

Create a “Living” Plan

We will help you balance short-term requirements with long-term vision and goals by constructing a simple yet comprehensive roadmap. With a living, flexible roadmap you can break down your strategic direction into actionable steps, keeping teams accountable and aligned towards the realization of specific objectives. The roadmap follows a 3/12/90 format surfacing and focusing on three-year targets, twelve-month goals, and ninety-day objectives. Knowing the difference and focusing on critical priorities enables you and your team to work on the “right” things at the “right” time to grow and thrive.

Your roadmap enables your business to adapt swiftly to emerging challenges and opportunities while maintaining a strategic compass that guides the business towards its long-term aspirations.

Build and Maintain Momentum

We will meet monthly with you and your team to ensure deep understanding of “where we are, where we are going, and how we will get there.” These are leadership conversations that enable you to break through the omnipresent obstacles of complexity, distraction and change that challenge every business. We will review short-term objectives with key metrics; identify, assess and resolve any current issues; expand business growth mastery; and apply strategic thinking to better understand the business environment – all to execute the plan and achieve results. The monthly meetings will provide focus and discipline to the business, and build momentum for long term success.  

Not sure where to begin?

Strategy and planning shouldn’t be complicated, but it must be focused! Let’s connect to discuss your condition, and learn more about our Deep-Dive intensive strategy and planning session, designed to clarify where you are going, how to get there, what activities are vital for your success, and how to turn planning into a continuous improvement process.

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SIGMA Resource Group specializes in strategic growth and development for business owners, executives and senior teams. Our goal is simple… to turn your vision into reality.