Why go it alone?
Every executive, business owner, and serious leader can benefit from an experienced, objective advisor – one whose success is built on 
your success. 

The value of intelligent decision-making, effective relationships, and a clear vision cannot be overstated. This is where business and executive coaching comes into play. It is a practice that involves assisting business leaders in improving their performance and achieving the results and fulfillment they desire.

However, coaching is not a remedial tool. Instead, it is a catalyst for forward-looking achievers to unlock their full potential. Even the best athletes in the world have coaches to fine-tune their skills, provide unbiased feedback, and keep them motivated. Similarly, business leaders can benefit immensely from the insight and direction that a skilled coach can provide.


Effective coaching must align with the needs and preferences of the individual. Here are three proven coaching alternatives to help you succeed:

Focus Partner

The focus partner approach is for those individuals who have myriad opportunities and challenges, are performing in a critical decision-making environment, and desire more focus and structure to their operating condition. The six months program begins with a detailed operating assessment of your current condition and a prioritization of key results areas in need of improvement. You and your focus partner will develop specific initiatives to address those areas, along with an action plan including a follow-up and accountability review schedule (typically bi-weekly phone/zoom meetings) to keep the improvement plan on track and moving forward. This program is excellent for business professionals who generally know what they want, and are open to someone helping them increase focus, discipline and momentum.

Strategic Growth Partner

The strategic growth program is for those who have a keen interest in growing their operation or business, and an equally keen interest in personal growth and development for themselves and their teams. Ideal strategic growth participants are committed to life-long learning and are open to change. They are also willing to learn by “doing” and trying new things. The six months strategic program focuses on transition coaching (taking on new or increased responsibilities), or developmental coaching (learning to become an even better leader), or a combination of both. This is an intense program including assessment of self and environment, identifying strategic issues and opportunities, and recognizing areas for behavioral and structural change. Working with your strategic growth partner you will prepare a strategic growth plan that includes new knowledge acquisition, action learning, testing, and targeted results improvement. In addition to 60-90 minute bi-weekly telephone/zoom meetings you will meet with your strategic coach for two or more extended planning and learning sessions, all aimed at assisting you to learn, grow and achieve more results and fulfillment.

On-Call Mentor

The on-call mentor program is for those who would like direct and quick access to an advisor for receiving objective feedback, experienced insights and recommendations regarding:

– Ad-hoc/right-now issues related to people, plans and processes

 – Overall operating condition and problem solving

 – Individual growth and development

You will have six months of unlimited access to your mentor by phone, email, text, your favorite app, etc. Your on-call mentor will first review your goals, plans and operating environment to gain a better understanding of where you are now and where you want to go, and to determine if the on-call mentor program is appropriate for you.

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