Leadership is not a position but a profound responsibility, a journey towards personal growth, and a commitment to positively impact those around you.

The path to leadership mastery is an endeavor that cultivates your professional capabilities and your personal development. It is a rigorous process of self-discovery, skill enhancement, and continuous learning that culminates in achieving leadership excellence.


Most learning (including learning “on the go”) is beneficial. However, learning with a purpose is even better if your goal is to achieve more results and fulfillment.

We can help you to keep learning, and also maximize your learning benefits with the following:

Becoming a Better Leader

The Becoming a Better Leader program is designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to lead yourself and others in today’s work environment which is highly dependent on relationships! This program is for professionals seeking to expand their leadership capabilities, help their teams grow, and drive organizational success.


The BBL program incorporates practical strategies and tools to help you navigate the challenges of leading in today’s dynamic business landscape, which demands leadership clarity, communication, and accountability. Through a combination of self-paced video lessons, on-the-job work exercises, and practical field guides, you will learn how to:


ü  Develop and clarify a vision that inspires and motivates others

ü  Identify and leverage your company’s distinction

ü  Listen, and respond rather than react

ü  Leverage leadership language

ü  Communicate effectively across diverse work styles

ü  Coach for change

ü  Drive success with accountability

ü  Focus forward


Our goal is to provide you with a transformative learning experience to help you achieve your full leadership potential. Optional individual coaching is available, as is a custom program for a teams.

Focus, Discipline & Momentum

With myriad challenges and opportunities in your business, it’s
more important than ever to stay focused on what matters most and to develop the discipline to follow through on your commitments. With the right mindset and tools, you can build the momentum needed to achieve your goals, make meaningful progress, and drive success in your professional and personal life.


The FDM learning program will help you achieve your goals more
clearly, efficiently, and purposefully. It is tailored to professionals seeking to develop their ability to maintain focus, cultivate discipline, and sustain momentum in the face of ever-increasing complexity, change, and distractions. You will learn to identify the “vital few” activities that need your attention now, establish effective routines and habits, and overcome common obstacles derailing your progress. You will also better understand your strengths and limitations and learn how to leverage or minimize them to maximize your impact.


Through a combination of video lessons, practical hands-on exercises, and practical field guides, you will gain the skills and confidence needed to take your performance and results to the next level. Optional individual coaching is available, as is a custom program for a teams.

Mastery Moments

Leadership is … a conversation! This program will help you and your team come together for an hour of focused learning and conversation on a specific management or leadership topic. It allows you to deepen your understanding of key business concepts, explore new ideas, and openly discuss individual experiences and points of view.


The Mastery Moments program includes an array of ad hoc learning sessions tailored to meet your team’s needs and interests. Each session focuses on a single topic, where we guide your team through structured discussion and provide insights, tips, and tools that you can immediately apply to your business. Choose from such topics as:


..Staying Resilient                                      ..Managing Up, Down, and Sideways

..Increasing Accountability                    ..Connections and Conversations

..Making Vision Stick                                ..Every Day Leadership

..Leaders as Teachers                              ..What’s Your Leadership Philosophy?

..Uniting Your Team                                 ..Making Change Work

..Critical Thinking                                      ..The Shadow of a Leader

..Strategic Thinking for Everyone         ..Hard Headed Soft Hearted Leadership

..Feedback & Feed Forward                   ..Recharge your Batteries (personal energy)

..Good Strategy / Bad Strategy             ..Get Real – The Reality of Leadership


The sessions are designed to optimize time and encourage open dialogue in a relaxed environment. They can be facilitated as a standalone development session, a lunch and learn meeting (very popular), or an add-on agenda item to one of your regular business meetings. Either way, they expand skills and insights and deepen relationships with your team.

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