Have You Completed Your Leadership Checkup?

“Success is constant adjustment”

Half the year is over. Did you complete your semi-annual Leadership Checkup (self-assessment)? Every leader should – because leadership is difficult – because leaders need to continually challenge themselves and grow. So here’s your checkup – three simple questions, to make the most of where you have come this year, and what to focus on for the next six months:

1. What have I learned this year? Busy people typically don’t realize what they’ve learned until they take time for reflection, and now is a good time to do that. Take advantage of the hard work you have completed for the past six months, and ask yourself “what have I learned since January,” “how did I apply such learning for a positive outcome, or a positive next step,” “what will I do differently based upon what I learned?” Write down your responses, and rate how important this learning was for you. Are you satisfied with your rate of learning?

2. What/How must I change to complete a successful year? I’m guessing you’ve encountered a few unexpected challenges over the past six months. However, are you still on track to fulfill your annual goals and objectives? What are the new challenges you see in front of you? Most importantly, what are the vital few things you must accomplish by the end of the year? Do you have a plan to complete them? Can you move forward confidently to fulfill your goals and dreams? If not, what do you need to do, now? Write your responses, plan your work, and take action.

3. What does my team need to know? If your annual goals are significant, you need people – i.e., team members, peers, bosses, colleagues, etc. – to help you achieve them. Have you clearly communicated your expectations of them? Have you asked them for help? If you answered “no” to either, what must you do to resolve this situation? If you answered “yes,” great – now repeat for maximum effectiveness! Remember, the more that people understand exactly where you are going, and the more people you solicit for help and advice, the more likely you will reach your goals and objectives.

 Again, leadership is difficult. However, successful leaders continue to learn and grow. They take advantage of their experiences, and build on them. They endeavor to learn from all insights – including their own!

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